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Sell Your House or Multi-units Fast and On The Date Of Your Choice, For a Fair Price, Without Doing Any Repairs!

We Buy Houses and Multi-units in Washington DC (WDC) & Maryland (MD)!

Do you own an unwanted house or rental property and need to sell quickly and fast? We work with people like you in all types of situations and may provide a solution for you too.

We are not Realtors or Brokers, so there are no extra fees that get charged when you deal with us. We are a Real Estate Investment Company, have money and we are ready to spend it to buy your property today!

If your house / property is in need of repair or clean out, we will buy it AS-IS so you have no hassles or additional bills to pay. When you deal with us there is no lengthy inspection process.

Our pride of ownership in the community and our desire to help people with their real estate needs shines through in the way we approach our clients. We understand that a home or an investment property is much more than four walls and a roof. We are also very aware that every customer is unique, so we take the time to custom tailor a win-win solurion based on each client's special and unique requirements.

Please click the link below or give us a call to tell us the details about your property and we will be happy to begin tailoring a custom solution for you, without delay.

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Dealing with an inherited house can be rewarding or a nightmare.

If you live near by the property and being a landlord or rehabber is not your forte, then you may want to sale the property.

As the Personal Representative for th

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We Invest In You Inc is an investment company that buys single family houses and multi-units in Washington, District of Columbia (WDC) & Maryland (Baltimore City / County, Prince George's County (PG), and Montgomery County MD). We buy your home or investment property in any price range, in any condition, and in any area in the DMV (Washington, District of Columbia (DC); Maryland (MD), and Virginia (VA)). We work with people just like you in all kinds of situations, including yours.

We specialize in creating win-win solutions for sellers. In fact, we often give you, the seller, a choice of ways we are able to acquire your property.

No matter what reason you have for selling, no matter what condition the property is in, and no matter when you would like to close, we almost always provide a fast solution. It's what we do.

How We Can Help

Simply click on the Sell Now button above. We will evaluate your property and provide you with an offer without delay. The sooner you tell us about your property, the sooner you may be relieved of the stress (headache or nightmare) the property may be creating for you and move forward with your life.

If you're ready to sell your home or investment property, we are your solution. Fill out the Sell Now form TODAY! Don't delay.

We look forward to working with you and creating a win-win solution.


We provide win-win solutions for people like you who need to sell their home or investment property (single family, multi-units, commercial, land/lots) quickly for whatever reason.

Since every property and personal situation is different, we carefully evaluate the details and then, if we are able to buy your property, we will provide to you one or more solutions for you to choose from.

  • We can close on the date of your choice, so if you need to settle quickly, we can. If you prefer to know that you have your property "sold" then wait to settle for any reason whatsoever, we can.
  • We pay cash for your unwanted properties (home or investment property)
  • We buy AS-IS so you don't need to do any repairs
  • We can stop foreclosure*
  • We can make up back payments*
  • We can take over your payment and relieve you of the stress
  • We buy in any price range in any area in the DMV (Washington District of Columbia (DC), Maryland (MD), and Virginia (VA))

Please fill out our form using the SELL NOW button so we can evaluate your situation immediately. Our solution is tailored to your needs and will be at your finger tips!

* - in Maryland, IF AND ONLY IF the property is NOT your primary residence

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When you deal with us, we handle all of the paperwork. We skip over the usual inspections and snags, so we can close at a mutually agreeable time. Plus, we have our funding lined up and ready to go before we even discuss your house. We are professionals and know how to navigate the transaction process with the least amount of hassle or time wasted.

If you think we can help you, Click the "Sell Now" button below, thoroughly fill out the following form, and submit it to us promptly. The sooner you get us the details, the sooner we can help.

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Please don't forget to click on the Sell Now button to fill out the form and provide to us as much information as possible. Then we will evaluate the property and your situation.

This is the fastest way to sell your home or investment property quickly. All information will be kept confidential.